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Store information

Polytex Stoffen
Industrieweg 12
2421 LJ Nieuwkoop


fibre mood - ontwerp.png

We have big news! We are proud to tell you that we are the new fabric supplier for Fibre Mood. From mid-September 2020, the exclusive Fibre Mood collection summer 2021 can be ordered from our sellers or via our webshop. Send an email to: sales@polytexstoffen.com so that we can give you access to the special Fibre Mood webpage.

Who is Fibre Mood?

About 2 years ago Fibre Mood - a self-made fashion magazine and online platform - was founded from the passion to get as many women and men as possible enthusiastic about sewing their own stylish wardrobe. Since then, more than 70.000 Sewistas from around the world have joined Fibre Mood. The Fibre Mood summer 2021 collection will be delivered from edition 13. We will sell the fabrics in the packages: gold, silver and bronze.

Edition 13 - launch 02-2021

Edition 14 - Launch 04-2021

Edition 15 - launch 06-2021

From the start of Fibre Mood, retailers are a crucial link. Retailers have professional know-how in-house that helps both advanced and novice seamstresses. For more information, visit the Fibre Mood site. Join the shopping community on the b2b website and follow Fibre Mood on Instagram and Facebook.

Where can you buy Fibre Mood fabrics as a consumer?

Name Address Zipcode City Country
STOF 2000 Nørrevold Frederiksborggade 26 DK-1360 København Denemarken
STOF 2000 Lyngby Lyngby Hovedgade 57 B DK-2800 Lyngby Denemarken
Stof 2000 Webshop www.stof2000.dk Denemarken
Stof og sy Adelgade 123 DK-8660 Skanderborg Denemarken
Stofbanditten Nygårdsvej 42 DK-4700 Næstved Denemarken
L'Atelier de la Creation 41-43, rue Mouraud, gal.marchande 75020 Ilot St. Blaise, Parijs Frankrijk
Breizh Tissus 16 rue Edgar Touffreau 56880 Ploeren Frankrijk
Brodeuses et Couturieres 405 bis route de Clisson 44230 St Sébastien sur Loire Frankrijk
Papa Ours 530 rue Pierre Landais 56850 Caudan Frankrijk
L'Atelier de Gaspard et Léonie 286 Avenue de Lardenne 31100 Toulouse Frankrijk
Ma Petite Mercerie Z.I.R., 316 Av. Gustave Eiffel 81600 Gaillac Frankrijk
Sudocoud 7 Av. de Bouvard 74000 Annecy Frankrijk
ICREA Tiss 1228 Route d'Argent 38510 Morestel Frankrijk
Bastelkiste 17 Rue du Fort Elisabeth 1463 Luxembourg Luxemburg
Bitz a Kaffihaus sàrl 30 Grand-Rue 9240 Diekirch Luxemburg
Brighton Sewing Centre 68 North Road BN1 1YD Brighton, East Sussex UK
Ronnys Symaskiner Klostergaten 13 SE-35231 Vaxjo Zweden
Tyglagret Alingsas AB Kungsgatan 40 SE-44131 Alingsås Zweden
Tygpunkten Mårtensgatan 16 SE-24430 Kävlinge Zweden
Waldmanns Kreativa Norra Långgatan 23 SE-26131 Landskrona Zweden
Lisa's Tyger Residensgatan 13 SE-46233 Vänersborg Zweden
Nalsögat Stil och Textil Östra Storgatan 11 SE-61134 Nyköping Zweden
Kreando Hauptstrasse 18 2572 Sutz-Lattrigen Zwiterland
Stoffzentrale Wisenstrasse 31 4900 Langenthal Zwiterland
Stoffzentrale Online-shop Zwiterland
Atelier Sin6 Seestrasse 24 6052 Postfach Zwiterland
AHA-Mode & Alles fur die Handarbeit Kreuzgasse 1 7000 Chur Zwiterland
Angi's Stoffegge Barzheimerstrasse 1 8240 Thayngen Zwiterland



Gold / 100% of the collection - FM555590 (about 55 fabrics)

Silver / 70% of the collection - FM555591 (about 39 fabrics)

Bronze / 40% of the collection - FM555592 (about 22 fabrics)


Why choose Fibre Mood?

  • Fibre Mood has no fewer than 100,000 visitors per month on its website. When purchasing a fabric package, your name will appear in various places on this website. In addition, your store can be seen on the online store locator on Fibre Mood. Clicking through will take you to your personal landing page.
  • Do you have the Gold or the Silver package? Then your store name + all name and address details will also be included in the magazine.
  • When you purchase the fabrics, you will become an ambassador of the Fibre Mood community and you will not miss any Sewista from the Fibre Mood community in your region.
  • Fibre Mood always creates a hype around the fabrics, via social media and newsletters. Via a countdown, you will receive a countdown to the launch of the magazine. One week before the publication of a magazine, you will receive the fabrics, with a free magazine.
  • Polytex delivers the fabrics to you per edition and you will receive a poster with all fabrics. Depending on the package, you will receive other promotional material.
  • You will receive 1 free magazine as a viewing copy for your customers.
  • A brand label is attached to the fabrics in the Fibre Mood collection.
  • You can participate in numerous shopping promotions.
  • Collaboration is possible around sew alongs / workshops in your store.
  • Fibre Mood is released in 5 languages.


Note: Our Fibre Mood fabrics can also be ordered separately. If you only buy a small number of fabrics (< 22 fabrics) from our Fibre Mood collection, you will not benefit from the above advantages. You are only a true Fibre Mood ambassador when you order from us from the Bronze package (22 fabrics or more).

What benefits do you receive per package?



  1. Your name will be listed on the Fibre Mood website (under the heading "shops") and your shop will be located on the overview map of fabric shops.

  2. On the Fibre Mood website, the name of your store is stated with all the address details under each fabric you have purchased.

  3. Limited personal landing page on the Fibre Mood site

  4. Free promotional materials

a. A free Fibre Mood magazine per edition as a viewing copy = the brand new edition of that moment

b. Poster A4: cover of the edition to hang in the shop

c. Flyers with promotions for Sewistas

d. Sewista Worldtour

e. From Newbie to Sewista

f. Wobblers with the cover of the new edition

5. Window sticker (Fibre Mood powered by Polytex Fabrics)


1. to 5. Same as Bronze


6. Extensive landing page with additional information about your store

7. Attribution in the magazine - colored blue

8. Listing on the website Polytex Stoffen


1. to 8. Same as Bronze and Silver


9.Interview with you about your store (photos etc), always on the Fibre Mood website.

10. Gold partners are additionally listed in a top position on the Fibre Mood shop page.

11. All links go to the most comprehensive landing page with maximum information about your store.

12. Attribution in the magazine - colored RED and in a more striking font

13. Extra promotional material such as a ceiling hanger.